Terms and Conditions


Shipping & Delivery

Items will be shipped only after the order has been confirmed and only after your payment has been confirmed as well. Please give us a lead time of 5-14* working days from shipping date to have the items delivered to you *(extended due to the 2020 Covid Pandemic). Being an online store based in Bohol, our shipping times are probably longer by a day or two compared to those online stores based in Manila. Shipping costs are shouldered by the customer unless otherwise stated. For free shipping, the courier that we will use is JRS (Ordinary) unless otherwise stated.

If you do not wish to avail of JRS as the shipping courier, you may request for a shipping courier of your choice but the shipping costs will be chargeable to you. Wrenhobbi is not responsible for any misdelivery or delay due to unavailability of persons receiving the item, nor to misdelivery or delay due to erroneous or insufficient address given by the buyer. For areas not covered by our shipping courier, it will be the responsibility of the buyer to arrange to have it picked up or delivered at an area nearest to the buyer.

Wrenhobbi is in no way affiliated with JRS Express nor with any other shipping courier. As such, our guarantee is that you will receive the product. If you did not receive the product, then you may make a shipping claim as stated below. The staff of the shipping courier is in no way connected with Wrenhobbi and the customer is given the choice of picking up the items in Bohol, having them shipped via JRS, or having them shipped via their preferred courier. Our preferred method of delivey is via pick-up at Wrenleys Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Wrenhobbi is not responsible for any and all actions of the staff of the shipping courier that may be committed against the customer.

Shipping Claims

For claims of shipping errors, damage, defects, missing items, etc., please contact us within 2 days from the date of receipt of the item at wrenhobbi@gmail.com. You are required to fully inspect the package before acknowledging the receipt of them in good condition from the courier or delivery agent. For any damages due to shipping, please also immediately inform the local courier or delivery agent at the time you receive the package.

Outside Box and Damage

For those Collectors who are looking for items with a PERFECT or "mint" condition of the outer box, while we appreciate your business, we regret to inform you that WRENHobbi does not guarantee the "mint" condition of the outer box of the product. For products with "damages" to the outer box (such as a crushed corner, or bent lid), we cannot give a discount, a refund, or a return. Boxes with "damages" may usually be caused during the shipping stage and, as such, are already beyond our control. Being a mail-order business, we apologize that we cannot cater to the request of a perfect or "mint" condition box. Still, we do our best to ensure that our products are safely packed and that the outer box of our products are not damaged upon shipment. However, if the actual product/figure has been damaged, then please take more photos to document the problem and e-mail us the photos at wrenhobbi@gmail.com. We will arrange to supply you with a replacement part or a new item IF POSSIBLE (at our discretion). For some cases, we may request that the damaged item be returned to us. In the event a return is requested, the shipping cost of the return will be shouldered by the buyer.

The purpose of the box is to protect the Toy, the Figure, or the Product inside. As such, we only guarantee the condition of the item itself inside the box and not the box itself. We hope you understand.

Privacy & Security

Account details collected from you will be kept private and will not be shared or sold to third persons. Also, we are committed to the security of the data in this site, to the best of our abilities. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account username and password, and for restricting the access to your computer.

Returns & Replacements

Do not immediately return any merchandise to us, regardless of the reason. Please contact us beforehand if you are planning to return any item (you may email wrenhobbi@gmail.com). For claims of shipping errors, damage, defects, missing items, etc., please contact us within 2 days from the date of receipt of the item at wrenhobbi@gmail.com. Under no circumstances should you contact your credit card company to dispute charges from WRENHobbi. We will solve your genuine customer service problems on shipping errors, damage, defects, or missing items through refunds, reshipments, discounts, or by any means appropriate to reach a fair solution to the problem. However, it is your responsibility to inform us that there is a problem within 2 days from the date of receipt of the item. We do not accept product return or replacement due to a customer's "change of mind." We do not accept product returns or replacement for damages due to the customer's fault or negligence. Signs of tampering or opening of the item will render the return policy void. The Customer will be the one to shoulder the return cost of the item.


While we do our best to make sure that all our products are available as posted in the site, some unforeseen circumstances could occur which would not make the product available. Also, shipping costs are shouldered by the customer. We do our best to be as accurate as possible in our product descriptions and in our product pictures. However, please bear in mind that the pictures are usually that of a prototype and, as such, may differ from the actual physical product. Also, while we do our best to maintain the correctness of our site, we do not guarantee that it is completely error-free.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Our products are primarily placed in the Philippine Currency because we are based in the Philippines. For Paypal, our requests for payment will also be made in the Philippine currency. We do not guarantee fixed exchange rates when it comes to payment of your orders through Paypal or Credit Card because that is no longer part of our business, it would be between you and your credit card company.

Our preferred mode of payment is through bank deposit. Please note that for out-of-town deposits, some banks charge an extra amount. This amount will be shouldered by the customer and should not be deducted from the total amount due from you.

Please inform us immediately once payment has been made so that your order could be processed for shipping. For bank payments, please e-mail to us the deposit slip together with your name and your order number.

If you cannot email the deposit slip, please e-mail the following information to us: your order number, your name, the date of deposit, the amount of deposit, and the bank deposited to.

Please make your payment within 3 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) from order confirmation or within 3 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) from paypal payment request to avoid the cancellation of your order. IF you are unable to make the payments on these dates, then please feel free to let us know so that we can try and come up with a favorable arrangement that may be convenient for you.

We do our best to make our prices competitive but please take note that prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Pre-order cancellation policy:

Pre-orders can be cancelled up to one week from the time the pre-order was placed, the one-week period shall be known as the "pre-order cancellation period." After the close of the pre-order cancellation period, we generally do not entertain cancellations, hence, we may charge you an amount of 10% of the invoice price as cancellation fee for orders that you cancel. We hope you understand that overstocks due to cancellations affect our ability to provide you with better services and better prices. That is why we had to institute this strict policy on cancellations.

Items on-hand cancellation policy:

For items already on-hand in our store, cancellation of orders may be made at any time prior to payment processing. Orders which have already been shipped can no longer be cancelled, but it can be returned as described above.

We humbly request that you keep cancellations to a minimum. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to customers who abuse the cancellation policy. Once an order has been shipped, it can no longer be cancelled, but we can entertain returns as described above.

Nature of Our Business

We are NOT a wholesaler and we do not give wholesale discounts. Further, there may be instances when the quantity of your order will be limited so as to give chance to other customers to be able to get the product. We hope you understand.

Nature of Our Products

Please take note that ALL of the products we are selling fall under the category of memorabilias or collectibles as defined in the Toy and Game Safety Labeling Act of 2013 of the Philippines. We do not sell children's toys. ALL our products are for adult or mature collectors only and these are NOT intended for children.

Please note that the products we carry are mass produced and, as a result, some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur, these are not considered defects by manufacturer. Paintwork is also done partially by hand and therefore each product may differ slightly. Furthermore, there are instances when a product has been double-taped by the manufacturer for quality inspection purposes, these are not considered as “opened” on our end as well.

Do note that we are a mail-order business and, as such, shipping carries with it the risk that the item’s box may be dented or a bit damaged. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, then we apologize but we cannot serve your order. Thank you!

---------------------------- reproduced below are our pre-order FAQs -------------------------------


Pre-Order FAQs & Terms and Conditions

1.) What is a Pre-order?

A pre-order is an order placed for an item which has not yet been released. The idea for pre-orders came when people found it hard to get popular items in stores due to their popularity. (Wikipedia)

2.) Pre-order Reservation Fee

To place your pre-order, we will be requiring 20% of the estimated maximum price as a reservation fee. Take note that this amount is not refundable if you choose to cancel your pre-order. However, the reservation fee will be applied/credited to the total purchase price if you choose to proceed with your pre-order. Your reservation Fee must be made within 5 days from making your pre-order. Non-payment of the reservation fee within the allowed period will cancel your pre-order and we will offer your slot to someone else. Please make sure that you are really going to order the product before placing a pre-order. We are not allowing cancellations because it is also very hard on our part to cancel pre-orders from our suppliers. Also, cancellation of orders is detrimental to our business and may hamper our ability to deliver quality products to you at very affordable prices. In the end, it is the hobby that suffers.

Rest assured, we do our best to give you the best prices possible and if ever there is a difference in pricing between us and other stores, we’ll make sure that it is not an unreasonable difference.

3.) Pre-order pricing

While we would like our pricing to be exact, we have to acknowledge that our orders are very dependent on foreign currency exchange rates. Hence, for our pre-order items, we are offering an estimated maximum price which is not yet the final price. The final price could be a bit lower or higher, but it will not be very far from the estimated maximum price. The estimated maximum price is based on conservative estimates so there is a good chance that the price of your pre-ordered item will be a bit lesser upon arrival. However, to give you an idea of the final price of the item upon arrival, we have given you the estimated maximum price. Rest assured that we will try to give you the best price that we can, so if the peso strengthens very considerably, we can also give your order at a lower price.

We’re doing this so that you’d have a fixed idea of the maximum price of the product. We wouldn’t want to give out low prices only to have to change them later on if something comes up.

Also, take note that, consistent with our on-going promo, our pre-order pricing already includes free shipping within the Philippines via JRS. No need to travel or to spend for your fare, you can have it delivered right at your doorstep.

4.) Pre-order quantities

Generally, we will guarantee the availability of the items on pre-order. However, there are times when circumstances beyond our control will intervene and we will not be able to serve your pre-order. If that happens, then that is the time when we will refund your reservation fee. An example of circumstances beyond our control is when the suppliers will cut the production of the item, when they will cancel the item, or when they decide to produce lower quantities than originally planned. Now, this does not happen often, I’m just putting this here so that we are all clear on the matter. I hope you understand.

5.) Pre-order arrivals

The products that we carry are imported from Japan, Singapore, USA, or some other place. Hence, you cannot expect them to immediately arrive upon release date of the product. Your order will usually arrive within 1-2 months from release date, taking into consideration that they will be shipped by batch from these foreign locations.

6.) Pre-order full payment

Once your pre-order has arrived, we will notify you via e-mail, text, facebook, or via any other means that you have made available to us. We encourage you to settle your payment immediately to avoid cancellations of your pre-order. You have FIFTEEN (15) days from notification that your item has arrived in order to fully pay the balance of your pre-order. Your balance is computed as follows: Final Price less Reservation Fee. If you fail to fully pay your pre-order within the FIFTEEN-day period, then your pre-order will be cancelled and your reservation fee will no longer be refundable.

7.) Non-transferrable pre-orders

The pre-orders that you have made are non-transferrable. They will be shipped to you in the address that you have given upon making your pre-order. We will not entertain requests for transfer of pre-orders because this is for your security as well.

8.) How to make a pre-order:

You can make a pre-order through our website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Enjoy! Please feel free to message our facebook page for any inquiries: http://www.facebook.com/wrenhobbi

By the way, we have a facebook page. As such, we cannot send PMs to you but you can send PMs to us. So just send us a message first and we can simply reply to you. Thank you!

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